Caleb “conducting” and singing “I’ve Decided to Follow Jesus”

At Toyko Express, Caleb decided to conduct a song “just like Pastor Kevin” while singing it. The hymn was “I’ve Decided To Follow Jesus”. Pastor Kevin is our Associate Pastor of Music at First Baptist Church, Chandler, AZ. That conductor’s baton is a chopstick.

There were customers at another table beside us. 🙂

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門徒的設立 The Divine Appointment (Mark 3:13-15)




1. 被主呼召 The Calling (v13)
a. 主的計劃──揀選(參羅馬書8:28-30)
b. 門徒的回應──捨己跟從

2. 與主同在 The Communion (v14a)
a. 認識主耶穌
b. 接受裝備
c. 學習事奉
d. 多結果子

3. 被主差遣 The Commission (v14b-15)
a. 傳揚耶穌
b. 大使命(馬太福音28:19-20)
c. 福音的債(羅馬書1:14)



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I Sang “O Holy Night”

I presented “O Holy Night” at First Baptist Church, Chandler ( during the Christmas Eve Candle Light Service on Dec 24, 2010.

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最危險人生 The Most Dangerous Life (James 4:13-17)







Powerpoint Cover

1. 人説:還有明天!(v13, 16, 17)

  1. 自我中心的生活
  2. 自誇自大的心態
  3. 知善不行的罪

2. 細想:必有明天?(v14)

  1. 明天肯定有
  2. 明天還有你?
  3. 今生與永恆

3. 應説:主掌生命(v15, 17)

  1. 敬畏主
  2. 順服主
  3. 榮耀主





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My Son Caleb reciting Psalm 23 (Cantonese Chinese)

Psalm 23 is the longest for him thus far. He actually had it memorized well before four, but it has been difficult to capture it in video. Here it is now. It is in Cantonese Chinese. The first part in the video (during a ride) is more recent; the second half was a couple months before the first part. Enjoy!

P.S. We taught him the meaning of the Scriptures he memorized, but did not teach him the gesture. He probably picked up some of my preachings on the rod and staff. 🙂

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I’m Amazed 我驚訝

I sang this beautiful song at First Baptist Chandler on 8/1/2010. Love this song! May you be touched by His amazing grace everyday!

I’m Amazed 我驚訝
Written by Cary Schmidt & Steve Amerson
© 2001 Steve Amerson Music (BMI) & Cary Schmidt
Chinese Translation by Leo So

In God’s heart there’s a space 神心中有一處
That I was made to fill 我被造來填滿
I find amazing grace 我找到奇異恩典
When I’m found within His will 在祂旨意裡被召
He’s reserved a sacred place 祂爲我預備地方
In the midst of every day 在每天的生活中
He is waiting there for me 祂在等候我相會
Inviting me to stay 邀請我留下來

And every day I’m amazed 在每一天我驚訝
That God would spend each day with me 神願與我共渡每天
I’m overwhelmed by His ways 何其深恩,神引導
That He could feel such love for me 祂竟然是這般愛我
To Him I’m worth saving 我配得被祂拯救
And my heart is aching 我心時常盼望
To know Him in His righteousness 認識祂這公義的神
And understand His ways 明白祂的道路
Everyday, in every way I’m amazed 每一天,在各事上,我驚訝

In my heart there’s a space 在我心有一處
That only God can fill 唯神才能填補
And He covers my disgrace 祂遮蓋我羞愧
With the blood that Jesus spilled 用耶穌所流的血
He invites me to a place 祂請我到一美地
In the midst of every day 在每天的每一刻
He is waiting there for me 祂在等候我相會
Inviting me to stay 邀請我留下來

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Preaching at GPCCC (Exodus 17:8-16)

戰爭與禱告 War and Prayer (Exodus 17:8-16)

1.    靠著神的應許禱告 Praying with the Promise of God (9b, 11)

2.    有行動的禱告 Praying with Action (9a, 10)

3.    懇切的禱告 Praying with Urgency (10, 11)

4.    互相扶持的禱告 Praying with Peer Support (12)

5.    主裡得勝的禱告 Praying in the Victory of the Lord (13-16)

親愛的弟兄姊妹,你的個人、家庭、教會禱告生活如何?願意作個禱告勇士,彼此守望,警醒禱告嗎?Dear brothers and sisters, how are your personal, family, and church life? Would you like to be a prayer warrior, keeping watch and praying with one another?

總要警醒禱告,免得入了迷惑。Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation. Matt 26:41

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