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Just want to recommend this excellent free Bible Software: e-Sword. It contains many different Bible translations (English, Hebrew, Greek, Chinese and other languages of the world), almost all them free. My favorite NASB and NASB77 are included in a $20 add-on package. But other than that, I didn’t pay a dime for this software. (Sorry, NIV is not available, but you don’t need NIV to do serious Bible study!)

My favorite Bible versions are:

  • NASB (New American Standard Bible, aka NASB95) – people complain about its wooden English. But I actually like its literal rendering. It is just a matter of adjustment. After all, it reads very parallel to the Chinese translation I use. You won’t get this from NIV.
  • NAS77 (New American Standard Bible 1977) – the original NASB. You don’t get this from bookstore in print. Fewer and fewer Bible software include NAS77 as Lockman Foundation is pushing the NASB95 released in 1995. Not even the $$$$$ Logos X!
  • CUV (Chinese Union Version 中文和合本) – Quite literal. Stylist Chinese. Much like the KJV in English. So far I still cannot find a good Bible Software which can provide me a parallel display of NASB and CUV. Not even the $$$$$ Logos X, although it has the Unicode capability and has Korean versions now.
  • ESV (English Standard Version) – Similar to NASB but more English-like.
  • HCSB (Holman Christian Standar Bible) – Use it in place of NIV.

The software is a clean three-pane design, one pane for Bibles, one for dictionaries, one for commentaries. You can arrange their positions on screen very easily. You will find your favorite ISBE, Nave, Strong, Brown Driver Brigg’s, Matthew Henry’s, Scofield, K&D…

Also there are many literature to download, e.g. the Early Church Fathers: Ante-Nicene Fathers (9 volumes), The Training of the Twelve, The Practice of the Presence of God, etc.

Forget about Bible Navigator and the likes. Get the free e-Sword. Click below to download!


e-Sword Home


P.S. Don’t get me wrong. Logos X is the best in terms of the wealth of resources it includes, and I cannot live without it. But from the software point of view, this free e-Sword is more elegantly designed and implemented, IMHO.


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