Father’s Day

Today is the Father’s Day. My first. Reflecting on the new fatherhood since the birth of Caleb, I am thankful for it would have been worse 10 days ago. It would have been mournings instead of trumpets. All in all, God is faithful in all these.
As I said all along, I am not ready for fatherhood. However, I have to be a father first to learn to be one! I need to improve on patience. When the baby cries, he doesn’t care you are the President of U.S.A. or Michael Jordon. You just need to work with him and take care of him.
Then I realized our Heavenly Father is even more patient on me. Time after time I made Him angry but He still loves me. Praise the Lord!
Here concludes my capricious thought on the Father’s Day.
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2 Responses to Father’s Day

  1. Michael says:

    Anyway, hope that you had a happy father\’s day! I think it\’ll be a good lesson for you to learn and practice the love of our heavenly father.

  2. Leo says:

    The school of fatherhood never commence. Isn\’t it great/scary? 🙂

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