Mom is a blessing

Mom is staying with us these daya, taking care of all three of us. She arrived after Caleb was born but it actually allows her to maximize her time with us after Daisy’s birth.
She is taking care of our daily meals as well as giving us advices on how to nurse Caleb. We cannot thank God enough for her being here. My family in HK spent time and money in making her trip possible and we are grateful too.
Mom is a soccer fans. These days, the Hispanic TV channel serves her needs of watching FIFA very well (I don’t have cable). I am amazed how well she recognizes the players (mind you, she doesn’t know English or Spanish), their names, which professional teams they are serving, etc. Her favorite teams are France, English, and Brazil. Michael would have good chats with her on the England players!
Also, I took a picture of her with the beautiful sunset one afternoon.
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