Happy Long Weekend

We had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. Went to Applebee’s for the first time since Caleb’s birth, also invited someone from church for dinner at home, joined facebook, read some of 笑傲江湖, and… Caleb is now having his 7th and 8th teeth (dangerous :)!

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2 Responses to Happy Long Weekend

  1. Jenny says:

    Your labor day weekend sounds very relaxing!  It\’s the first time I visited your blog, it\’s certainly a great way to keep in touch.  One question,  how did you find the time to maintain the blog?
    Caleb is walking now?  He is such a cute boy!  I wish I can share pictures of Oliver and Elvin too, they grow so fast I can\’t keep up sending their "most recent" picture, I think having it on the web is the best way 🙂 

  2. Leo says:

    Thanks Jenny for stopping by. Long time no see! You can use facebook or the photo album with MSN Live and do it a bit at a time. I also think I waited too long to update. I am trying youtube too because my family in HK wants to see videos as well!

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