Here I Am To Worship

I always like this praise song because it describes both the beauty of the Lord and the response of His worshipper. Pianist this time is Hoyan Chu. (Sorry the video is not very clear. The quality of video went south after the being uploaded…)

Here I Am to Worship 我在這裡敬拜
By Tim Hughes

Light of the world 世界真光
You stepped down into darkness 祢降臨到黑暗中
Opened my eyes let me see 開我心眼 讓我見
Beauty that made this heart adore You 祢的美麗令我心傾慕祢
Hope of a life spent with You 盼我一生跟隨祢
Here I am to worship 我在這裡敬拜
Here I am to bow down 我在這裡俯伏
Here I am to say that You’re my God 我在這裡宣告 我的神
You’re altogether lovely 祢全然可愛美麗
Altogether worthy 全然配受讚美
Altogether wonderful to me 全然奇妙 我所測不透
King of all days 永在君王
Oh so highly exalted 何等尊貴和崇高
Glorious in Heaven above 滿有榮耀在天上
Humbly You came to the earth You created 祢卻卑微 來祢所造的世界
All for love’s sake became poor 因愛我們變貧窮
I’ll never know how much it cost 我永不能 知道我罪
To see my sin upon that cross 掛在十字架何等代價
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